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Become a Web Developer?

The world’s economies and business infrastructures are interconnected. Millions of people use the Web to conduct business and communicate. Web developers are needed to keep the system working. A large number of people are needed to keep the Web functioning smoothly as it expands in number and from desk top to mobile devices. Job opportunities for employees who create websites are expanding and shall continue to do so.

An organization’s presence on the Internet is established and maintained by Web developers. They use “mark up” languages, such as HTML and XML, that provide the foundation of what an organization displays about itself online. Web developers make it possible for an organization to lever its commercial presence online with specialized knowledge and make it possible to bring its products and services to customers where they are.

People who create websites “launch” pages and sites that are designed to produce the maximum positive impact for their organizations. They do so by making effective use of graphics, search engine optimization and analytics. Web developers must have a thorough knowledge of how the Internet works.

Web designers must be creative and know how to use the design elements associated with a graphics presence on the Internet. A Web developer must have traits similar to a computer programmer and enjoy providing quick solutions. Web designers must be detail oriented and enjoy programming or writing computer code for long periods of time. Developers must be analytical.

People who work on websites must also be able to work well with teams and understand how the organization’s Web presence interfaces with “back-end” tools, such as database programs. Web developers must be aware of product development cycles and be keenly aware of security related issues and work hard to produce a stable and safe online presence. They must also invest in continuing their education to keep up-to-date with advances in the field.

Web designers need post-secondary education to obtain employment. A four-year degree is preferred. Since the job of a Web developer involves directing the behavior of computer programming, knowledge is required. Some skill and knowledge related to JavaScript, the.NET framework or SQL would be desirable. Experience with PERL and multimedia publishing tools would enhance an individual’s employability.

Another useful skill for Web developers to possess is copy writing. Having some experience with art (i.e. space, color and layout) would also be a competitive advantage. Certification in Adobe Photo and Flash, as well as other media tools, would be helpful when searching for employment. Specialized knowledge in marketing would be desirable. Knowledge of Word Press and Java script would also be helpful.

One source reports in its survey that people who create websites currently earn between $61,250 and $99,250. The job title of Web developer is expected to grow at a rate that is “faster than average”.

Professional certifications as a Web developer include Microsoft’s Certified Professional Developer: ASP.NET. An individual with this certification would have a huge competitive advantage in the employment market.

Organizations will continue to need employees who are qualified to develop viable and secure Websites that attractively and appropriately interface with the general public and customers.

Web Development Attributes

All the activities which are required for the development of a web site, procedures in web designing or web development, web content management and web server configuration come under the larger term web development.

Though according to web professionals, all the non-design features of web sites which include coding, hypertext markup etc. are included in web development. Ranging from simple static websites of plain text to complex web-based applications, social network services or E-business all come under the range of web development. It includes all parameters and every type of internet activity.

Web development attributes:

With the amount of competition that is arising in this technology and research age, bounding your website to only serve as an information provider for the organization is not a sensible move. Instead the limits should be extended now and, as seen in the present days, the website should also serve as an online web application tool through which we could easily deliver information from place to place with the help of the internet. Numerous distinctive features are available such as DHTML, HTML and cascading Style Sheets internet that are utilized in developing the web application. Some special languages for front end design such as JAVA, ASP and some for the back-end perspective such as Oracle are also available. The connection that is established between the front-end and the back-end require their own special servers such as web spheres and web logic.

Many things are taken into consideration in web development, these include data entry errors checking that are checked through forms and also the checking of data that is entered on the web application. If proper check is not maintained, ill-natured practices can be done by any user having only limited information about web and web development. Other than this ungoverned and unauthorized access to the hackers can also be done, giving them access to all sorts of personal information. So in order to avoid any such inconvenience, inclusion of all the features of account access into the application are necessary, making it more secure and powerful.

Web development significance:

A website showcasing the full information perspective of an individual involved in online business or a company with a well-established background, is generally considered to be a good web site. One of the prime features of a good website is that it gives you the option to navigate by using any search engines. A website is ranked higher in search engine result pages if it is search engine friendly, this results in more traffic towards your web site and more customer exposure, increasing your business.

In today’s advanced era, marketing practices are being dominated largely by E-commerce, and as the internet is easily available and easy to afford, people tend to utilize it fully to earn huge profits in the comfort of their homes.

The thing most important for your business to be a success and for you to be considered a good business administrator, is to prepare a website for your business that is skilfully designed, has all the relevant information, is elegant and attractive looking, gives off a professional feel, can be navigated with ease, has enough and competent functions, contains valid and good content, is highly useable and has the ability to indulge and retain visitors for a long duration of time and creates such an environment for them that forces them to revisit for business purposes.

An Overview of Web Development

There are many reasons why a person may create a web page. Either for personal or professional needs, many people these days have a web site somewhere on the Internet. With advances in modern technology, web development has become much easier, so more people are delving in and making their own website. The web gives people an opportunity to have a special place all of their own that the whole world can see. They can build blogs, make videos and even just have a simple page telling all about themselves. The Internet is a place where everyone can be a star. This sudden increase in websites and increased use of the Internet is proof in the pudding the web development is continually on the rise.

Web development has come a long way since it’s early days. When the world wide web first started, it was primarily a way for intellectuals to share academic information. In a short matter of time though, the web started to see more of a public use, and sites started popping up that were more personal in nature. It almost seemed like anyone who had Internet access had their own little web page full of their personal information for the world to see. Then the businesses realized that web development was getting larger, and decided it was the perfect way for them to spread the word about their businesses. So they jumped on the web development band wagon and business web sites started popping up.

Once the businesses got involved, the world wide web started to grow by leaps and bounds. The Internet became a place where you could buy and sell anything you could imagine. It became a place where you could meet people and make friends from around the globe. As the web continued to grow, more and more people became skilled in the art of web development, and the process became much easier. In the beginning, web development was truly a specialized area of work that could be difficult for the average person to understand. However, with technological advancements that have been made, the process has become much more simple.

These days, it almost seems like everyone is adding their own little bit of web development to the Internet. Even young children seem to have a grasp on how web development works, and some of them have no problem in creating a website of their own. The Internet shows no sign of slowing down in usage, in fact, the Internet is pretty much taking over the world. As web development continues to grow everyday with new websites popping up every minute, there’s no end in site for the Internet. With more people getting online everyday, the web is just going to continue to develop and grow. The web has developed into the largest source of online media and information in the world. Anything that you desire to find can be found on the web, from any product imaginable to mail order brides!

About Web Development

Web development in its broadest terms is simply any activity that produces websites. Cut into smaller segments, web development includes e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side and server-side scripting, and web server configuration. That is of course just simply technically speaking. If you were to ask a web development professional, they would claim that the scope of this only includes the non-design aspects of websites. This is because web design is a whole other area to such a company.

If someone were to ask me what “web development” was 15 years ago, I would have suggested it possibly has something to do with spiders spinning silk and looking for prey. Obviously, that is a form of the term, however and more obviously, that is not what we are speaking of currently. Web development got a huge boost in the mid 1990’s with the internet beginning to gain momentum. Ever since then, it has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You might be surprised to know that smack in the middle of the ’90s, 1995, there were fewer than 1,000 web development companies in the United States. Ten years later, there were more than 30,000 just in America alone. Those numbers prove that the internet is here and it does not plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Perhaps some of the best news related to web development is that the cost has plummeted significantly from the earlier years of the industry. Back at its infancy, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a single website, and I’m sure many of us remember they weren’t all that flashy back then. This is significant because it allows basically every business access to the vital resource of the Internet.

The truth is it’s very difficult for a business to reach their full potential anymore without the use of the Internet. It is where everyone is at. In fact, recent studies have shown that more people than not prefer using the internet as their shopping place verses a traditional mall. Every business can benefit from web development hands down. Whether they actually sell products or if it’s simply for brand recognition, it’s all beneficial in the end.

Since the fact that the Internet is a must for businesses to achieve the highest success, the next issue comes in. How do you make a website? Well, it’s not that simple. There are many, many aspects to creating a successful website. I say successful because it is true that most anyone can jump on the Internet and pump out a generic, simple website, but not just anyone can create a successful one. As stated previously, there are many aspects to web development and only trained professionals understand them all and how to utilize them. From client and server side coding to database technology, it really takes a professional to get the job done right.

So, what should you be looking for in a web development company? Make sure they offer a large variety of departments that build, maintain, and optimize your website for the best results possible. Along with the actual website development phase, you also have web design, technical or strategic support, software development, writing services including copy writing and proofing, and of course search engine optimization (SEO). All of these components, plus even more, should be included in a web development companies itinerary. Don’t settle for anything less than the best you can get, your businesses success relies on it.