Become a Web Developer?

The world’s economies and business infrastructures are interconnected. Millions of people use the Web to conduct business and communicate. Web developers are needed to keep the system working. A large number of More »

Web Development Attributes

All the activities which are required for the development of a web site, procedures in web designing or web development, web content management and web server configuration come under the larger term More »

An Overview of Web Development

There are many reasons why a person may create a web page. Either for personal or professional needs, many people these days have a web site somewhere on the Internet. With advances More »

About Web Development

Web development in its broadest terms is simply any activity that produces websites. Cut into smaller segments, web development includes e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side and server-side scripting, More »

Web Development Resources

The fact that web development surrounds the internet makes it easier to get the needed things for the market. In web development, it is very helpful if you have the adequate information More »

About Web Development

Web development in its broadest terms is simply any activity that produces websites. Cut into smaller segments, web development includes e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side and server-side scripting, and web server configuration. That is of course just simply technically speaking. If you were to ask a web development professional, they would claim that the scope of this only includes the non-design aspects of websites. This is because web design is a whole other area to such a company.

If someone were to ask me what “web development” was 15 years ago, I would have suggested it possibly has something to do with spiders spinning silk and looking for prey. Obviously, that is a form of the term, however and more obviously, that is not what we are speaking of currently. Web development got a huge boost in the mid 1990’s with the internet beginning to gain momentum. Ever since then, it has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You might be surprised to know that smack in the middle of the ’90s, 1995,

Web Development Resources

The fact that web development surrounds the internet makes it easier to get the needed things for the market. In web development, it is very helpful if you have the adequate information and resources to help in getting things done in the right order.

There are many resources that must be put in the mind of the person who wants to take advantage of the big market in the internet world. You can actually get the things for the web needs right on in the internet as well. Learning how to play well in the internet will make the difference of the system in the web development.

How to get the web development resources you need?

The internet is the best avenue that will be the key for you to be able to get things done. You can search the internet for the things that you need. You need to choose the best of the internet as a main thing that will help you in the system of web development.

You need to actualize things. First, you need

Business of Web Development

Internet reaches out to a wide audience and is used to publish personal and professional information with some engaging user experience. Web development or setting up a website or enthralling web application and hosting it on the Internet has become simpler through the use of cutting edge technology. In fact the technology is meant to be used by the web developers as well as the end users for improving the overall web experience. This trend can be seen clearly as more of websites are being posted online. The Internet can be easily distinguished from other popular technologies such as television and radio as the web gives an ample space to the user for personalization with an unlimited scope for extending their creativity and reaching out to large number of public audiences.

The Internet can be seen as a collection of a wide variety with a frequent mix of personal and professional web spaces. The Internet was meant to be a platform for imparting knowledge to the masses at the time of its birth. But now it has come a long way

Become a Web Developer?

The world’s economies and business infrastructures are interconnected. Millions of people use the Web to conduct business and communicate. Web developers are needed to keep the system working. A large number of people are needed to keep the Web functioning smoothly as it expands in number and from desk top to mobile devices. Job opportunities for employees who create websites are expanding and shall continue to do so.

An organization’s presence on the Internet is established and maintained by Web developers. They use “mark up” languages, such as HTML and XML, that provide the foundation of what an organization displays about itself online. Web developers make it possible for an organization to lever its commercial presence online with specialized knowledge and make it possible to bring its products and services to customers where they are.

People who create websites “launch” pages and sites that are designed to produce the maximum positive impact for their organizations. They do so by making effective use of graphics, search engine optimization and analytics. Web developers must have a thorough knowledge of how the Internet works.

Web designers must be creative and know how to use the design elements associated

Web Development Attributes

All the activities which are required for the development of a web site, procedures in web designing or web development, web content management and web server configuration come under the larger term web development.

Though according to web professionals, all the non-design features of web sites which include coding, hypertext markup etc. are included in web development. Ranging from simple static websites of plain text to complex web-based applications, social network services or E-business all come under the range of web development. It includes all parameters and every type of internet activity.

Web development attributes:

With the amount of competition that is arising in this technology and research age, bounding your website to only serve as an information provider for the organization is not a sensible move. Instead the limits should be extended now and, as seen in the present days, the website should also serve as an online web application tool through which we could easily deliver information from place to place with the help of the internet. Numerous distinctive features are available such as DHTML, HTML and cascading Style Sheets internet that are utilized in developing the web application. Some special languages for

An Overview of Web Development

There are many reasons why a person may create a web page. Either for personal or professional needs, many people these days have a web site somewhere on the Internet. With advances in modern technology, web development has become much easier, so more people are delving in and making their own website. The web gives people an opportunity to have a special place all of their own that the whole world can see. They can build blogs, make videos and even just have a simple page telling all about themselves. The Internet is a place where everyone can be a star. This sudden increase in websites and increased use of the Internet is proof in the pudding the web development is continually on the rise.

Web development has come a long way since it’s early days. When the world wide web first started, it was primarily a way for intellectuals to share academic information. In a short matter of time though, the web started to see more of a public use, and sites started popping up that were more personal in nature. It almost seemed like anyone who had Internet access had their own little web page

Tips for Effective Web Development

You might be wondering if there is a difference between web development and web design. Well, they both concern a site or page on the Internet, but web design is just part of web development. Web development from the word itself is the process of developing a website and it includes web design, web content, web server, network security, e-commerce development and many more.

A website represents a company or a person. For this reason, the website should garner many views or visits as much as possible to make sales or to have a better ranking in the search engine results. Also, better views mean the site is being marketed effectively. This is the goal of the websites and to do this, they have to come up with effective web development and web design.

To have an effective web development, the website should foremost have a purpose. What does it want to attain or achieve? Does the website want more sales through the Internet or it just wants many people to know about it? The purpose is just like a mission or vision for institutions. It is where the goals and objectives will be based. If

Hone Your Mobile Web Development

Internet is one of the things that people and organizations cannot live without. Over the years there have been many notable efforts made to enhance the internet user experience. Days when web access was possible only via a desktop computer or laptop are long gone now and mobile web or browser-based internet access is all the rage. Statistics show that there are about five-point-nine billion mobile phone users globally, and that this number swells by the minute. As a consequence, mobile web development has become a craved technique across the world.

Mobile web development is the process of making websites accessible from small handheld devices that are already connected to the wireless or mobile networks. Smartphones, computer tablets and feature phones are just a few examples of these devices. Numerous websites seen today were made with the desktop or big screen internet user in mind. However, research shows that many web users are now hooked on mobile internet. Perhaps one of the main reasons why this is happening is the fact that most people prefer to buy the latest smartphones rather than a desktop or laptop device.

Hence Mobile web development is here to stay and

Making Web Technology Work For Your Business

Web development covers a wide range of Internet technology, tools, and applications which aims to provide a richer and more engaging surfing experience for Web users. Broadly speaking, these new web development tools and applications are sometimes referred to as Web 2.0 technology. This label is used to describe the current iteration of the Internet, which is increasingly becoming more dynamic and interactive as compared to the static (or so-called Web 1.0) pages of the past.

Web development is a general term for describing the work involved in setting up a Web site for the Internet or for a private network. This whole range of wok can include Web design, content development, client communication systems, Web server configuration, and development for ecommerce.

Among the most vibrant sectors in development is in Internet marketing and ecommerce. The adage that the customer is always right cannot be truer since the coming of these new Internet technologies. For the first time, customers can quickly and easily give feedback to any product or service that they have used, thanks to community forums and such feedback mechanisms.

New tools in Web development allow even people with no knowledge of the

Sense Web Development Tips

Establishing a web presence for your business is key to it’s success, especially if you are in the retail industry. But just having a website isn’t enough. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your website, make it more user friendly and get more traffic.

Tip 1: Avoid using “pretty” font. I can understand the temptation to use artsy or pretty font types, but you’re better off sticking with something basic. The most important thing is that your site viewers can read your content. Avoid cursive or script type fonts.

Tip 2: If you have a shopping cart, make sure it’s visible. What’s the point in selling something on your website if people don’t know how to purchase? Make sure your shopping cart is visible from every page. The key is to increase sales not deter them.

Tip 3: Don’t use flash. Some web gurus may disagree, and I’m sure there are some crazy people who love flash. But for most people it’s a put off. Flash websites take longer to load, and often times they look too busy. Simple websites are more effective and won’t scare people away.

Tip 4: Don’t add music

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

When you think about the difference between web design and web development you can compare it to the difference between architecture and construction. One deals with the appearance inclusive of the layout, colors, interaction between links etc related to a website or application while the other deals with the implementation or the “how” part of the process. This includes method of implementation and programming of the website or software.

When designing a website the designer must be very imaginative and creative. In addition it is necessary that the designer contact the client and fully understand what is required; the priorities and requirements. This will enable the designer to create a suitable design for the requirements. Colors also needs to be taken into careful consideration and also the appearance as it relates to the client’s marketing needs and wishes they may have..

Consider web designing for the Coca Cola Company as an example. The designer would need to consider the color and as we all know the most dominant color of Coca Cola is red. So it would not be wise for the designer to hint at the company to put another color as the more dominant

Things to Do Before Hiring a Web Developer

Before approaching web developers for estimates on building your new business’s site, there are a few things you should think through first so you are fully prepared for the questions you will be asked. Here’s a list of ten things to be clear on before making that important next step:

  1. Be clear on your business plan. This may sound obvious, but it has happened where I’ve been asked to build a website when the potential client only had an idea of what they wanted and no business foundation planned out at all. Are you sure you have a viable business idea that will provide you with a reasonable ROI or is this more of a hobby that you just want to dabble in? It is important to be clear on your intensions of what you want to accomplish first.
  2. Be clear on your business name.  Make sure you have a registered business name before creating any of your marketing materials. It could be a costly mistake to have to go back and change everything if you find out your business name has been rejected.
  3. Be clear on the product you sell or service you provide. Ensure you are clear on

How to Choose a Web Developer

Unless you know what to look for, choosing a web developer can be a very difficult task. Because there are no licensing requirements for web developers, and the barriers to entry are almost nonexistent, the web development market has become flooded with individuals and companies of all skill levels and capabilities. This whitepaper provides tips for what to consider when choosing a web developer.

Tip #1: Look for Specialization

Many web developers claim that they can do it all. The truth is that most web developers are primarily either graphic designers or programmers. The fields of graphic design and programming are fairly specialized and it is uncommon to find people who are able to do both well. When looking for a web developer, we suggest asking the professionals to designate who will be designing your web site and who will be doing any custom programming. If it is the same person doing both pieces, we advise paying even closer attention to their portfolio.

Tip #2: Look for a Strong Portfolio

The sites that a web developer has worked on are typically strong indications of the type of work that you can expect from them

Web Developer, Believe it Or Not

When people talk about IT work or computers, you would think they are talking about the geeks of Internet technology, who spend all their time on the computer. Lets look at this a moment, a web developer is a person who creates web sites for other businesses to maximise there selling potential. A computer gaming freak is someone who plays these games around the clock on the Internet game waves. This particular person could probably crack your banking account if he wanted to. This is how far the human race has come with the introduction of computers and the Internet. I mean come on who today does not have an email address or two. This technology is the way of the future and will get more and more advanced, but we will adapt like we normally do.

What is a Web Developer?

I have asked myself this question a few times and have come up with this; a Web Developer gives you a Desirable Experience of Truth. What does this mean? Well it means you will get no short cuts or copycat scenarios, it means you have an expert giving you the correct information required to

Boost Your Internet Business

Internet business is a domain that relies on website creation and management, in which web development is indispensable. Specialized companies offer their web solutions consisting of web design and SEO services. Web development is a very broad term used to describe all the work involved in transforming a simple, static page into a complex one filled with applications, social networking features and so on. Client liaison is one important aspect, too. Web-based businesses are the ones to benefit the most. While small companies may work with a single webmaster to control these aspects, larger ones are usually in need of an extensive team of experts.

The Internet is the place which joins together customers and professionals or providers. These become inter-dependent in the online environment. Any kind of professionals should be interested to become visible online, to gain better exposure, since more and more people have been resorting to the internet whenever in need of information. Therefore, no matter the area in which you profess or how you provide your services, it is of great importance to create an effective online presence for yourself/ your brand/ your company. We say effective because the competition has reached sky-high

Ecommerce Web Development

The world as we know it is has been changed forever by means of the spread of the internet. The spread of the click economy has made inroads everywhere, such that people are able to sit in the cozy comforts of their own homes and complete transactions online. The whole world has got shrunk into a global village and by the spread of the internet as well as telecommunications which have made people come closer like never before. One of the important aspects that has made businesses come together and talk to each other is ecommerce web development which has started occupying pride of place in the contemporary world.

When it comes to ecommerce web development, there are many applications that have been made possible by using the power of the internet. When it comes to business in the current times, business to business and business to customer applications have become so very prevalent. Companies have to deal with each other as vendors / suppliers or clients as these are part of the supply chain. Every company depends on some other company for materials as we do not like in an island and there is a great

Do Businesses Need Web Development

It cannot be denied that the modern world is the world of internet. People prefer to involve internet in every task. Right from searching for local shops to hiring service providers for business, everything can be done online. Internet has successfully provided employment to many. Today, it is hard to imagine a world without the internet.

In such a scenario, how can businesses leave out this aspect? Be it a small, medium, or large enterprise, it is good to have an online presence. A website that represents the business house has become mandatory for entrepreneurs. Though it asks for some investment at the initial stage, you are sure to derive a lot of benefit from it. You may need to invest in an appropriate web development company and internet marketing company at the start, but you are sure to reap sweet fruits.

Below mentioned is how a good quality web development service will help you:

You may need to build a custom website for your business. You may not be able to do it yourself as it requires complex coding and thorough knowledge of web development. Hiring an in house team may prove expensive. Besides,

Web Development For the Internet

Today, the technical options are extending in order to gain communication through the Web. The web developers may be lured to just center on matters like HTML, page layout, syntax or the newest and flamboyant technologies. Nevertheless, wed developers require extensive, process-oriented method to be able to enunciate the web design and the web development that they want to conduct. Also, web developers have to give much attention upon the features and attributes of the web to serve as a channel for communication, therefore, developers not simply imitate practices dedicated for paper as well as other media.

Web development as well as web design includes negotiating and molding which means creating several options such as technical, usability matters and aesthetic. To technical communicators, this means to develop web design, it will necessitate for an individual to have knowledge in planning, design and analysis, adding up web-oriented skills in order to convey information in a certain channel. To be able to create an extensive web design, web developers compose as numerous possible ideas coming from technical communication as well as software engineering practices. In this write up is a description of a particular approach for wed development which

Web Development

People say that the World is moving fast! Is it not true that we are assuming global dimensions? One has to pace with the ever growing World by any means available. Who would have imagined 20 years ago that communication would go wireless, satellites would be playing a major role and the modest internet would grow over us in no time at all.

Owning to the human psyche and the little time we want to spend doing everything, many Companies have emerged professing that they have got the solutions for us, that we can communicate with the whole world in just a few minutes.

Ventura IT took its leap into the world of Information technology about 10 years ago. Based in California USA, this company caters to the needs that a growing institution requires. It provides humungous services that include web hosting, web development, internet applications, e-commerce, graphic designing and high-level language programming.

The simple process of making a project of any kind would be placing the order with complete specifications, considering the estimate given by the company, payment and in a few weeks time your dream project would assume reality with global dimensions. What

How Can Web Development, Software Development, and Internet Marketing

If a business person dreams of conquering cyberspace, he or she needs to focus on three things: Internet marketing, software development, and web development.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses all promotional campaigns performed online, whether for free or for a fee.


• 24/7 Online Presence. Even if you are asleep or out running errands, you can still process orders and have your press releases and features read.

• Global Reach. Millions of people all over the world are now connected to the Internet. As such, a North American business can now get inquiries even from those in Asia or Europe.

• Reduction of Costs. Internet marketing campaigns cost less than traditional methods. There are Web sites such as message boards, social networks, and blogs that allow you to promote your business for free.

• Convenience. Internet marketing offers convenience for both you and your prospects. Instead of sending direct marketing materials like brochures and catalogues, you can upload them to your Web site and give the prospects the option to immediately download the information materials they want.

Software Development

Software development means producing, customizing, or developing a program